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Ownership: Peter Vermes is Not Getting Fired

Sam McDowell reports that Vermes will not be fired. Does that make sense? And if they want Vermes to rebuild, why hire a Sporting Director?



Credit: Thad Bell

For the Glory KC is back with the 88th episode of the show!

Sporting Kansas City ended the streak! For the second straight season (let’s not make it three, please) Sporting KC put a stop to their 10-game winless run with a victory over the Seattle Sounders. This time, it was seven straight losses, so a win was a massive relief!

The question is, can Sporting KC sustain this success? They got the game winning goal against a 10-man Seattle side and their expected goals (xG) was actually lower than the Sounders. Then again, confidence can do wonders. The release of emotions from the players both on and off the field showed how much it meant to all of them.

The victory comes on the same day that Sam McDowell put out a fantastic story in the KC Star about a sit-down interview with managing owner Mike Illig. Mike, son of Cliff Illig, told Sam that he had no plans to fire Peter Vermes and wanted him to run a rebuild over the next three transfer windows (through the summer of 2025).

Infamously, Peter Vermes signed a five-year contract extension after missing the playoffs in 2022 that just kicked in this year. He’s signed through the 2028 season, and it always sort of felt like they wouldn’t pay him for four-and-a-half years of nothing, plus pay another coach.

Sheena and I weigh in on the story, Peter handling the rebuild, a Sporting Director still needing to be hired, the targeted positions of center back and winger (no midfielders?) this summer. Andreu Fontas and Johnny Russell are probably approaching the end of their SKC careers, so replacing them makes sense. Ignoring the midfield is concerning though.

Before listening, I encourage you to read the whole story over at the Star.

We also address the rumor that Robert Castellanos has interest from Chivas (Liga MX).

And the Kansas City Current just keep winning! This time 5-2 at home over the Seattle Reign to climb back to the top of the NWSL standings. There were new starters, new goal scorers, a testing of the team’s depth and the return of orchestrated celebrations by captain Lo LaBonta.

In the Digital Crawl, we hit a few other topics, including:

  • SKC II keep winning
  • Important moments for Pulskamp and Russell
  • Gianluca Busio gets promoted
  • Two more coaches are fired in MLS
  • and an NWSL attendance record

Here is a rundown of topics (and approximate start times):

  • Sporting KC defeated the Sounders(again) – 7:21
  • Vermes’ job is safe – 25:16
  • Robert Castellanos Transfer Rumor – 47:47
  • KC Current crush the Reign – 55:43
  • Digital Crawl – 1:09:53

Upcoming Schedule:

  • USA U-23s vs. Japan, Tuesday, June 11th @ 7:00 PM CT
    • No Busio, injured in the Venezia game
  • USMNT vs. Brazil, Wednesday, June 12th @ 6:00 PM
  • Sporting KC II at Real Monarchs, Wednesday, June 12th @ 6:00 PM
  • Euros 2024 Starts Friday at 2:00 PM – Germany vs. Scotland
  • KC Current vs. Chicago Red Stars, Friday, June 14th @ 7:00 PM
  • Sporting KC at LA Galaxy, Saturday, June 15th @ 9:30 PM

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I honestly appreciated the article. The fact an ownership group would do an article is telling. I felt there were some good questions to be ask. I think it alludes to most of the team being overhauled in the next year and half. I can only think of maybe 1 or 2 players really “making” the cut (that is part of the current team).

I bet we will start seeing some players being sold, to not having contract extensions and t things of that sort. I am like you guys, After Pete signed his 5 year contract there would be no way an ownership group would terminate his contract and pay him his owed 4 years of salary… I can only imagine what he gets paid… according to this older article (no idea how accurate, also printed in 2021).. Pete was making 750K a year… I bet he is at the 1 mil plus a year now (with all his other responsibilities). It would make sense to let him ride out his contract and see what he can do in this rebuild…

Anyway, time will only tell.


PV like cheap players. He not looking to win, he’s looking for talent he can build and turn.

Shawn Gillogly

I have literally never heard of an ownership group saying the guy who made the mess gets to stay and fix it.



Maybe not saying it out loud, but in various sports I’ve seen coach after coach get fired while the same general manager who built the roster rides it out. I mean, just look at Bocanegra in Atlanta…he’s very much the one who made a mess of that team and he’s got a Vermes-level leash to keep screwing it up fix it.


I agree with your point.

In this situation though, Peter is both the GM and the coach. So if you can only blame one and not the other, it’s his mess either way.

If he’s going to stay, please put a GM/Sporting Director over him that he has to collaborate with.


He needs to go. Period. There is no compromise here. If he could rebuild the club he would have built it right the first time. He is a waste of money.


Well……that’s a winning decision! NOT.


Yay, more lifeless, boring soccer for the foreseeable future. I love supporting a team that can’t cover back post runners, only passes backwards and believes that possession in their own half is the recipe for success.

I’m not sure how much I actually care. I still watch, but I just don’t feel much for the team either way. That I lay fully at Vermes’s feet…dude has created mostly uninspiring soccer since 2019. I wonder what it would take for me to just stop watching or even paying attention? If anyone can make it happen, I think PV is the guy.

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