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Is Kellyn Acosta a Remi Walter Replacement?

Acosta to SKC? Vermes preseason injury updates. Sporting KC kit leak? KC Current schedule and a slew of roster moves. Plus, somehow more!



Credit: Thad Bell

For the Glory KC is back with the 69th episode of the show!

Sporting Kansas City have a lot going on this week, considering real soccer is still nearly a month away. A topic to break Sheena’s heart is if Kellyn Acosta, rumored to be joining KC, is being looked at to replace Remi Walter long-term. He primarily plays that same position and Remi is out of contract after the 2024 season. We take a look at the cost and fit of Acosta within Sporting KC.

We also briefly discuss Memo Rodriguez being on trial, the 3-3 Sporting KC/Charlotte FC draw and all the Peter Vermes quotes that came out of the post-game presser. Plus, our takes on the leaked Sporting KC secondary kit, the other leaked MLS kits and Sheena does her first “bio” of 2024, covering Marinos Tzionis. Who else would you like to see a mini-bio on?

The KC Current have a ton going on as well. We go over the schedule release, all the signings (Bia Zanaratto, Desiree Scott and Bayley Feist), the trialists and the departures (Cassie Miller, Mimmi Larsson). And I have a radical idea that the NWSL should adopt — getting rid of trades.

In the Digital Crawl, we touch on the following topics:

  • Felipe Gutierrez retires
  • Chance Myers is the Technical Director in Nashville
  • PRO may be going on strike
  • Hector Herrera is out for the SKC opener
  • That bizarre Jesus Ferreira/FC Dallas/Russia saga
  • Rylan Childers signs in Denmark
  • And Inter Miami players are dropping like flies

Here is a quick rundown of topics (and approximate start times):

  • How do we feel about Kellyn Acosta on SKC? – 5:41
  • Memo Rodriguez on Trial with Sporting – 18:53
  • Preseason results and PV quotes – 22:28
  • Leaked MLS kit thoughts – 38:58
  • Sheena does a Marinos Tzionis Bio – 47:51
  • KC Current Schedule – 52:26
  • Lots of KC Current roster moves – 1:00:18
  • Digital Crawl – 1:11:23

Completely unrelated, but our Instagram is full of nonsense lately. You should follow us. Here is a post of 10 kit concepts based on Sheena’s silly idea of “sunflowers and BBQ” on a jersey.

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