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There’s always something

Sporting KC has an excuse every week, and some are absolutely valid. But SKC simply haven’t been strong enough to overcome those issues every team faces.



Credit: Thad Bell

Last week it was the refs. The week before it was just one missed chance that did them in. This week, it’s injuries.

There is always SOMETHING that gets in the way for Sporting KC. And to be fair.. sometimes they are absolutely valid excuses!

But this team simply hasn’t been good enough to overcome that something each week. The problem is that they’re the same issues every team in MLS faces. Everyone has injuries. Everyone gets screwed over by the refs in this league.

The difference is that the best teams are strong enough to overcome those issues to get the results they need.

That discussion leads the way on the latest Shade of Blue! It’s a deep, dark shade this week. Yes… our team has us drinking. Join us!

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