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Peter Vermes hit his breaking point

The Sporting KC manager let it all out this week, speaking openly about his frustration with a lack of effort from certain players.



Credit: Thad Bell

The latest Shade of Blue goes on a deep dive into Peter Vermes, his shift in tone, and his “suffering” post-game quotes. Discussing all the problems and current state of Sporting KC right now called for an extended episode that went nearly an hour and a half.

After a particularly tough loss earlier this season, Peter Vermes made headlines with the comment, “You guys are worried about it. I’m not.”

A very frustrated Sporting KC fanbase understandably did not receive that quote very well. But the 57-year-old manager may have been taking one for the team to protect his players. At that time, Vermes had what he saw as a hardworking team being undone by unfortunate circumstances.

Everything changed last week.

“There will be some suffering over there [points to locker room]. Some real suffering.”

PV is one of those people that when he makes a threat like that… you believe it. And you also wonder what kind of horror he might unleash.

He doesn’t speak like this often. But it always carries weight. Swift changes usually follow soon after.

Remember Sweat Be Gone?

It remains to be seen what will happen. Will there be a player jettison? A starting lineup shakeup?

Or will the entire squad step on the field growling and bleeding from the ears this weekend?

But Vermes had more to say this week! He joined The Program on 810 Sports to further explain what has him to angry right now. It’s absolutely worth a listen.

And so is SOB! We’ve got a wide-ranging, well-rounded discussion about what is wrong with this club we love. Join us.

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Yeah, wow, he needs to fire whomever put together this squad

Mister Murse

If only we knew who that was… what a mystery!


The SKC we love is dead.

And each host of this wonderful podcast is in their own stage of grief. You can’t not hear it in this episode.

Last edited 2 days ago by skcfanipromise
Mister Murse

Some thoughts:

Tzionis: had a goal and an assist in the open cup. It took Pulido 1 to 2 seconds to move to an open spot for him for the second goal, initially he wasn’t even going to try. Tzionis was one of our better players, especially considering he played 3 positions in the same game. He did the best on the right side.

Vermes and roster contruction: is part of the problem that Bliss is handling roster construction? We know what he did to Chicago. Is Vermes CSO or not? He cannot be all things and be totally hands off at the same time. Which one is it? Vermes out is the easy catchphrase, but most people are more open to acknowledge and want “Vermes in a reduced capacity” – it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Salloi hit on it best “every year”. We have been going through some iteration of this every year. I just can’t wait to hear what the excuse is if we manage to turn things around. Next year? Will we face the same issues?

Who I want gone: Pulido. No work rate, no consistency. At least with agada we know he will finish given enough volume. I see Pulido consistently finish matches with the lower quartile of ratings in fotmob. I see him give up possession and fail to work to win it back. He acts like a Mexican Messi, without the talent. The money is better spent on players who give a damn. Pulido ghosted us after his red card. He has some of the fewest touches and his effort at the 10 spot is abysmal.


most people are more open to acknowledge and want “Vermes in a reduced capacity”

i doubt that; seems very contrived, slipped in, and forgotten.

and i also doubt vermes in a reduced capacity means he has any less impact on the mentality of the team.

we would see the same issues

because the problem is larger than vermes, and nothing but excision will do.

vermes himself would agree—can’t half-ass the effort to fix what’s wrong.

blissout too.

Mister Murse

1000000000% on Bliss out.

Regardless, a shakeup needs to happen.

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