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LOOK: More Hi-Res Pics of Sporting KC’s New Kit

21 high resolution photos of the 2024-25 Sporting Kansas City secondary kit — Diamonds Our Forever aka Argyle 3.0.



Credit: Sporting Kansas City

Last week, lost in the chaos of what should have otherwise been a joyous week, Sporting Kansas City unveiled their new secondary jersey. While it’s being referred to as “Diamonds Our Forever,” I prefer to call it Argyle 3.0. A call back to the black, and later white, argyle kits from the mid-2010’s.

While those kits were alternative, third kits, this sticks more closely to the Sporting KC color scheme with indigo prominently displayed as one of SKC’s secondary colors. Instead of a traditional argyle design, the pattern does have a diamond vibe to it with the interconnected lines we’ve seen the letters S-K-C prominently displayed in on all things Sporting Kansas City for the last few seasons.

Kansas City will wear these new secondary kits for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. Next year, Hoops 4.0 will be up for replacement. I’m in the minority that will be completely fine with Hoops 5.0 replacing it.

As for the third kits we’ve heard so much about, last year third kits didn’t show up until the end of the summer when Atlanta United, New York City FC, Red Bulls New York and Toronto FC got third kits. I’d expect the same for the rumored Kansas City third kit that may pay homage to their days as the KC Wizards.

The Photos

A jersey always looks better on a player. Sporting KC were nice enough to send out photos to the media of Johnny Russell, Alan Pulido and Daniel Salloi showing off the new design.

In addition, they have some really close up shots to see all the details.

There are lots of little details that are easy to miss at first glance. I personally am a fan. I really like Hoops 3.0 and 4.0, but some of the secondary kits have been misses for me. It’s not my favorite Sporting KC kit ever, but it’s a good look and a much more bold design and in recent years. I look forward to seeing them in action.

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