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Shades of Blue talks Peter Vermes & dropped points

The show opens up about Vermes and the state of the club after he says he’s not worried about dropped points.



Credit: Thad Bell

Our own level-headed Thad Bell entered the studio as fired up as we’ve ever seen him for the latest episode of Shades of Blue. After Sporting KC’s disappointing draw with St. Louis, Peter Vermes said he isn’t worried about dropped points. But Thad will tell you why that’s not true.

Vermes is obviously frustrated. You can see his point of view easily. His team is in positions to win games and show that they can be a good team. But bad referees or an unlucky bounce take it away. So then he has to hear angry fans and keep answering the same questions about what he, and his team, are doing wrong. But he’s also the longest tenured head coach in the league and knows the job media has a to do.

The show has a long discussion about the state of the club and they don’t hold back.

Segment 1 – Match Recap
Segment 2 – State of the Club & Peter Vermes (21:00)
Segment 3 – Current & Comets Big Wins (58:00)

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From This Episode:

  • Accidental Assist

  • “Into the Darkness” Thad Bell, 2024 – A metaphor for the game

  • You guys are worried about it. I’m not.

  • effuse
    verb (used with object) ef·fused, ef·fus·ing.
    to pour out or forth; shed; disseminate
    The town effuses warmth and hospitality. 
  • Highlights from Comets’ Game 1 playoff win over the Wave:

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