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Did the new MLS Cup Playoffs format win you over?

The controversial addition of more teams and a new 3-game series format has the MLS Cup Playoffs slowly dragging along.



Credit: Thad Bell

You have plenty of time to answer… the next games still don’t start for almost two weeks.

Changes to the MLS Cup Playoffs are nothing new. But with Apple in the mix, more teams and a three-game series format was adopted. It was a controversial decision and not well received by fans of the league.

Now that Round 1 has come to an end, what do you think of three-game series being introduced to the soccer world?

Remember, the extra teams allowed Sporting KC to climb in the postseason. A Cup run from an #8 seed will squash any theories about too many teams making the playoffs. Also, the departure from aggregate scoring may have created a more exciting environment for the second matches.

But whether or not the three-game series are here to stay, will likely depend on how things worked out for Apple. Unfortunately, annoyed fans probably won’t much matter.

The MLS playoff format debate leads the way on the newest episode of Shades of Blue. As the first sentence indicates, everyone knows these playoffs are too long.

Additionally, Peter Vermes was asked about Antoine Griezmann and his answer will NOT surprise you. But according to The Daily Mail, it’s newsworthy.

What was the key to the turnaround this season? Did the “Vermes Out” pressure actually work?

Plus we look ahead to the match with the Houston Dynamo and how to deal with missing Logan Ndenbe.

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Segment 1: MLS Playoff Format
Segment 2: Key to the Turnaround (13:36)
Segment 3: Why are there no good soccer movies? (22:45)

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