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Why can’t Sporting KC close out matches?

The tense final moments every match are taking their toll on me.



Credit: Thad Bell

It’s been a problem which plagued Sporting KC for many years now. They can utterly dominate a match, but are in danger of giving up a late equalizer after failing to get that extra goal and secure the result.

This happened once already this season (albeit rather unfairly) against Philadelphia, and the entire second half last weekend against San Jose felt like a goal was coming.

But the season is young. The offense has shown signs of life and just how good they can be. If Alan Pulido gets on one of his hot streaks, the rest of the league is in trouble.

The Shades of Blue Soccer Show is debating that question on this week’s episode, as well as reliving that whole massive weekend for soccer in Kansas City. Plus, we’re joined by Benny Feilhaber, the newest Sporting KC Legends inductee.

02:30 – KC Current make the dream a reality with new stadium
06:00 – How far the NWSL has come over the years
09:00 – Oh and the nine-goal thriller was fun too!
16:00 – Stadium growing pains
23:00 – SKCvSJ recap
24:30 – Why can’t SKC close out matches?
28:30 – Luchi Gonzalez’s cardigan
30:30 – Tim Leibold & Jake Davis
37:30 – xG Nonsense
41:00 – Is the midfield “good enough”?
49:00 – LA Galaxy preview
54:30 – Benny Feilhaber on Messi vs Pele

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