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Well, That Was Messi (has anyone made that joke before?)

Who were the top performers from each team?



How are we all feeling midweek? Adrenaline worn off? Disappointment still lingering? Me too.

Of course, when the move to Arrowhead was announced, many people, me included, had opinions on it, and I’ll own up to being slightly not thrilled with it, feeling like it was the incorrect decision for a number of reasons, but I would have been happy to have been proven wrong. Was I proven wrong? Probably! It seems like the event was a huge success and I hope besides just giving some people a chance to see their favorite player and one of the greatest to ever play, it also converts some new people to coming out to see Sporting Kansas City on a regular basis. Because man, although I don’t live in Kansas City anymore and watched the game on television, it looked like just an incredibly fun night.

That said, would I rather have had a 3-2 WIN at Children’s Mercy Park than what we got at Arrowhead? Absolutely. But Sporting’s ability to hold on to a lead has become worrying. I could sort of hand wave away past transgressions as blips or momentary nerves, but apart from a good opening and two great goals, Sporting Kansas City looked to be a little rattled at times, especially after the sixty or so minute mark.

I don’t have a lot more to say, if you watched it, you know what you saw. A pretty good outing from Kansas City spoiled by another late game collapse, instigated by none other than one Lionel Messi.

As far as player ratings go, this one felt a little…. Bifurcated? A bit of a split between “pretty good” and “pretty bad”. Here, take a look:

Team Player Rating
Inter Miami Lionel Messi 7.75
Inter Miami Diego Gomez 7.5
Inter Miami Luis Suarez 5.75
Inter Miami David Ruiz 5.5
Inter Miami Sergio Busquets 5
Inter Miami Nicolas Freire 5
Inter Miami Jordi Alba 5
Inter Miami T. Aviles 4.5
Inter Miami Drake Callender 4.5
Inter Miami Julian Gressel 4.5
Inter Miami Benjamin Cremaschi 4.5
Inter Miami Y. Bright 4.5
Inter Miami M. Weigandt 4.5
Inter Miami Franco Negri 4
Team Average 5.25
Team Player Points
Sporting KC Erik Thommy 7.5
Sporting KC Tim Leibold 5.5
Sporting KC Willy Agada 5
Sporting KC Tim Melia 4.5
Sporting KC Daniel Salloi 4.5
Sporting KC Nemaja Radoja 4.5
Sporting KC Jake Davis 4.5
Sporting KC Andreu Fontas 4.5
Sporting KC Remi Walter 4.5
Sporting KC Johnny Russell 4.5
Sporting KC Dany Rosero 4.5
Sporting KC Felipe Hernandez 4
Team Average 4.75

Some great stuff from Erik Thommy, and I feel like Jake Davis had a better game than the numbers played out for him, but when a team drops three on you that’s tough to really justify. Leibold with the assist gets himself a few bonus points. Really hoping to see Pulido come alive, there have been some great glimpses of him, but I still feel like he’s a bit disconnected from the transition play and not getting the service he needs, nor is he always putting himself in the best place to get it.

Those are my stray thoughts, anyway. Overall, I was entertained. The irritation is still there, and now no lead will feel safe, so that’s going to make for a “fun” season 😐

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