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The Five stages of grief in one hour

We try to put you on a path to acceptance as we give our instant, unfiltered reactions to the loss in Houston.



Credit: Thad Bell

After a frustrating, controversial Sporting KC loss in Houston, we’re opening ourselves up. Instant, unfiltered reactions to show the world who we are. This is my blood. It’s red. Like yours.

Shades of Blue attempts to escort you through the five stages of grief… all in one show. Perhaps by the last segment we can find acceptance. From the handball, to missed chances and bad substitutions, we’re airing all our grievances this Festivus season. Then we deny and bargain our way through a full match recap.

This can’t be. Were the tactics wrong? What if they called the handball?  Can we eliminate PRO entirely?

You’re among friends. It’s a safe space. Let it all out in the comments.

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Segment 1: Denial & Anger
Segment 2: Bargaining & Depression (23:10)
Segment 3: Acceptance? (44:00)

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