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Talking about the Loera trade – Keeping Current pod

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Alex Loera says what? | Credit: Thad Bell

Thad Bell from the Kansas City Soccer Journal is joined by Daniel Sperry from the KC Star for a new episode of Keeping Current with Kansas City. The big news was a trade between the Current and Bay FC sending Alex Loera from Kansas City to Bay FC. The Current received $175,000 and protection from Bay FC selecting a player in the expansion draft.

We had planned on a pod discussing what the Current’s expansion draft protection list should be, but then the Loera news broke. Loera was such a key part of the Current’s run to the 2022 NWSL final as a rookie, cementing the defensive midfielder role. Loera would have been on everyone’s protection list so the trade would have been big news by itself but it seems that Loera was not happy with the process.

We discuss.

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