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SKC v Union Player Ratings (No referee ratings, sorry)

Sporting Kansas City give up a draw late in their home opener. How does each player fare in their ratings from the match?



Credit: Thad Bell

Oh, it’s way too early to say “story of our season right there” but man, that game sort of feels like a microcosm of Sporting Kansas City huh? A lot of action and fun when playing at home and for stretches of the game they looked to dominate but couldn’t entirely find the back of the net and put the game away when they needed to, while also getting a bit unlucky in some aspects of the game.

I don’t want to give the referee a rating, but if you saw the same ending of that match as I did, we probably share similar feelings.

In any case, a frustrating draw against a beatable team, and yes, I feel Sporting were hard done at the end, they also could have scored another goal or two and put it beyond reach. Overall though I feel like that performance looked a step better than what we saw last week and if everyone gets on the same page, they could be fun to watch.

Anyway, let’s look at some numbers. Overall Sporting bested the Philadelphia Union and were better. Remi Walter had a great goal on what seemed to me a bit of botched defending, but he pounced on it, and it was meant to be. Feels like our defense was pretty solid with the obvious exception of the last gasp goal. Overall, I feel like this is mostly fair.

Philadelphia Union

Player Rating
Alejandro Bedoya 7
Jack Elliott 6
Oliver Semmle 6
Damion Lowe 5
Nathan Harriel 5
Jack McGlynn 4.5
Jesus Bueno 4.5
Quinn Sullivan 4.5
Chris Donovan 4.5
Olivier Mbaizo 4
Kai Wagner 4
Jeremy Rafanello 4
Daniel Gazdag 4
Jose Martinez 4
Mikael Uhre 4
Markus Anderson 4
Team Average 4.5

Sporting KC

Player Rating
Remi Walter 8
Johnny Russell 7
Jake Davis 6.5
Daniel Salloi 6.5
Andreu Fontas 6
Tim Leibold 6
Nemanja Radoja 5
Dany Rosero 5
Tim Melia 5
Erik Thommy 4.5
Alan Pulido 4.5
Willy Agada 4
Stephen Afrifa 4
Memo Rodriguez 4
Team Average 5.5

One thing I hope to see more of is Alan Pulido involvement. He looked dangerous at times but a bit disconnected. Seems like that’s something that could come with games.

Well, still winless to start the season, but I feel like we could be on six so onward and upward!

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