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Sporting KC came back from the dead

Children’s Mercy Park came alive with a fire capacity crowd for one of the most memorable nights in club history.



The Cauldron hit the nail on the head with their zombie tifo ahead of Game Two between Sporting KC and St. Louis City. The team itself had of course come alive after dying a thousand deaths in the first ten matches, but the fans and the atmosphere at Children’s Mercy Park were also reanimated on Sunday night for the MLS Cup Playoffs.

It was just like the good ol’ days.

The new episode of Shades of Blue starts off by reliving one of the most memorable nights in club history. After a win like that, we needed to bring in more voices to help celebrate! So, we’ve got a hoard of KCSJ voices on the show to cover the thrilling 2-1 win from all angles.

CMP was lifeless at times this season, left smelling of anger and regret. But the stadium came back to life for the playoffs. The fires of The Blue Hell were raging again with a max capacity crowd of 21,650 people.

Like I said… RAGING!

I defy you to listen to this and not feel something.

This episode gives you perspectives from inside the Cauldron and from field-level in front of the angry pink section. We talk through all the goals, the nutmegs, and the stoppage time that just wouldn’t stop.

Every player on the field made a contribution for SKC and they’re firing on all cylinders. But Peter Vermes also won the tactical battle over Bradley Carnell.

So, we have a former Vermes Out member on the show to eat some crow.

Sporting KC now have a three-week break before the next round. Is this is a good thing for a team with several nagging injuries? Or will it simply cool off the hottest team in Major League Soccer?

We also try to decide what’s the best name for our new rivals. I’m preferable to St. Louis Shi**y. But Alphabet Soup and Dogfood FC are solid contenders as well.

What are you calling them?

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Segment 1: CMP comes alive!
Segment 2: Peter Vermes crow eating (16:20)
Segment 3: Is a 3-week break good or bad? (31:00)

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