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Roster Rundown: What Sporting KC Need This Offseason



The annual Roster Moves Extravaganza is back at it again on Shades of Blue!

It’s a big week each year as Sporting KC announces their decisions with the roster and the offseason wish list takes shape. So we’ve got an extra-long show to give you a thorough, line-by-line analysis of where the team now stands. We take you through this year’s departures and say our goodbyes to Roger Espinoza and Graham Zusi. Sporting KC are left with needs in every discipline from keepers to forwards.

Finally, we listen to the audio from the VAR booth and PRO Referees admit their error on the handball that may have ended the season for SKC. It’s very interesting insight and incredible to watch them get it wrong before our eyes.

Segment 1

Resident KC trash talker Zachary Cobb joins the show. He’s a long time fan and shares his stories as we look back on the Zusi and Espinoza years. We cover all the players who are now out of contract and had their options declined. Vermes says they are talking with Kortne Ford about returning in an unknown capacity, but a solid centerback may be the biggest need for the club this offseason.

Segment 2 (30:00)

Starting with the keepers, we look at each line of the current roster. We can expect to see a third string keeper come in at some point, is SKCII a source?

All of a sudden, Sporting KC have two exciting young outside backs. But have they proven enough yet? Andreu Fontas has been a rollercoaster. He may be serviceable, but the fanbase will be expecting a big signing to fight for his starting job.

Gadi Kinda has been sent a “bonafide” offer from the club, but we’re left with several questions. Currently there are six midfielders on the roster. It will be interesting to see what happens with Kinda and what kind of player Vermes will bring in for reinforcements.

As for the forwards, Sporting KC are thin at the winger position. At the moment Khiry Shelton looks to be the top backup. Marinos Tzionis hasn’t panned out, but has another season to find a new level.

Segment 3 (1:01:00)

PRO Referees released a video highlighting the controversial calls from the MLS Cup Playoffs the week prior. This included the handball-that-wasn’t in the SKC/HOU match. We listen to the VAR team as they get the call wrong and find out exactly how it happened. While worrying so much about different technicalities, interpretations, and “clear and convincing evidence” the team missed the obvious point that an arm prevented the ball from going into the net. That is the bottom line PRO has admitted.

Then we hear part of Peter Vermes’ very polite rant. He was pointed, calm, and well… correct… as he spoke for over 20 minutes about PRO.

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