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LISTEN: KC Soccer Journal responds to Gavin Wilkinson hiring

Hear from five members of our team as we share our raw feelings about Sporting KC’s new Sporting Director.



Credit: Thad Bell

Thursday was a really tough day for a lot of Sporting KC fans. There are a lot of emotions and thoughts flying around in response to yesterday’s disappointing news. So, we got five members of our team together to talk about SKC’s decision to hire Gavin Wilkinson as Sporting Director.

It’s a very dark, and gross, Shade of Blue.

In recent years, Sporting KC fans have been quite vocal about feeling forgotten. Ignored, even. With this announcement, the club confirmed this to be true.

They knew exactly what their fans would think of Gavin Wilkinson. But they did it anyway. Because they don’t care.

It’s a punch in the gut from the club we love so much.

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We will continue to cover this story with more articles from different perspectives, so stay close. But please check out the show and get our true, raw reactions to this news.

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