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KC Current Roster and Contracts Ahead of the 2024 Season

What are the contract situations for the entirety of the Kansas City Current roster as the season is set to open this weekend?



Credit: Thad Bell

On Saturday, the Kansas City Current will make history. They are set to open the first stadium built for a professional women’s sports team in the world. It’s a momentous occasion, and one that should be celebrated.

But sadly, in sports, players will come and go. So, before the season starts, it’s worth taking a look at the roster, all the roster designations and how long players are signed. For a deeper insight into the offseason and the roster as it’s currently constructed, check out the first two parts of our look at the KC Current roster.

Out of Contract After 2024

AD Franch, Alexa Spaanstra, Claire Lavogez, Desiree Scott, Elizabeth Ball, Jordan Silkowitz, Kristen Hamilton, Mallory Weber, Nichelle Prince, Vanessa DiBernardo

A massive 10 players are out of contract after the year, with many set to be free agents. That doesn’t even count the additional nine players (below) that can simply have their contract options declined. As we’ve seen from 2023 to 2024, a roster can turn over quickly in the NWSL.

The list above is loaded with veteran talent that has anchored the team for years (Ball, Scott, Franch), newer players who are veterans as well (DiBernardo, Prince), players with injury histories high on talent (Lavogez, Weber) and young, potential stars (Spaanstra, Silkowitz).

Contract through 2024 w/ a mutual 2025 Option

Hanna Glas, Stine Ballisager

Something that we haven’t seen with their MLS counterparts but showing up more and more in the NWSL is the mutual contract option. It’s commonplace in the NBA and other leagues and it just means either the team or the player can trigger the 2025 option. Glas has yet to step of the field and Ballisager barely got minutes after joining in the summer. 2024 will go a long way in determining if either or both will be back. Though even a bad season doesn’t preclude a return if the money is better in KC than elsewhere.

Contract through 2024 w/ a 2025 Team Option

Bia Zaneratto, Debinha, Ellie Wheeler, Hope Hisey, Lauren, Regan Steigleder, Sophie Braun

The Brazilian trio top this list and are joined by two players who spent time abroad (Braun, Steigleder) and a pair of rookies (Hisey, Wheeler).

Contract through 2025

Hailie Mace, Izzy Rodriguez, Lo LaBonta, Michelle Cooper, Temwa Chawinga, Bayley Feist

Despite the turnover that could happen elsewhere (not counting trades), between this group of players and the 2025 option players, there is a good core to move into the future with. Not to mention all the youth in the next group.

Contract through 2026

Alex Pfeiffer, Claire Hutton, Gabrielle Robinson

Three young, promising and talented players. Robinson already broke out last year. Word is Hutton may be a day one starter at just 18. And Pfeiffer was a star for the USWNT in the U-17 World Cup. The future looks bright with this talented trio.

International Roster Spots

Claire Lavogez, Hanna Glas, Bia Zaneratto, Lauren, Temwa Chawinga, Stine Ballisager

Teams are now allowed seven international roster spots, up from five last year, so they are all set here.

Season-Ending Injury List

Vanessa DiBernardo, Desiree Scott, Hanna Glas, Mallory Weber

The team currently has 28 players under contract, but only 26 roster spots. Having four players on the SEI list from last season means they can bring two players off the list without a corresponding move. DiBernardo could come off the report as early as this week with Scott set to follow quickly. Glas is likely next up, but that will require a move elsewhere on the roster.

The Entire Roster

AD FranchGK8/17/202111/12/1990332024None
Alexa SpaanstraFWD2/22/20232/1/2000242024None
Claire LavogezMIDINT7/20/20226/18/1994292024None
Desiree ScottMID12/7/20207/31/1987362024None
Elizabeth BallCB12/7/202010/20/1995282024None
Jordan SilkowitzGK3/20/20233/27/2000232024None
Kristen Hamilton FWD7/22/20214/17/1992312024None
Mallory WeberDEF12/7/20204/4/1994292024None
Nichelle PrinceFWD1/17/20242/19/1995292024None
Vanessa DiBernardoMID12/7/20225/15/1992312024None
Hanna GlasDEFINT2/7/20234/16/19933020242025 (mutual)
Stine BallisagerCBINT7/3/20231/3/19943020242025 (mutual)
Bia ZanerattoCFINT1/22/202412/17/19933020242025
Ellie WheelerRB3/7/202412/14/20012220242025
Hope HiseyGK3/7/20246/26/20012220242025
Regan SteiglederDEF1/30/20249/3/19982520242025
Sophie BraunMID1/30/20241/7/20002420242025
Bayley FeistMID1/22/20243/14/1997272025None
Hailie MaceDEF7/22/20213/24/1997262025None
Izzy RodriguezLB3/15/20224/13/1999242025None
Lo'eau LaBontaMID12/7/20203/18/1993302025None
Michelle CooperFWD2/2/202312/4/2002212025None
Temwa ChawingaFWDINT1/3/20249/20/1998252025None
Alex PfeifferFWDU-1810/30/202311/26/2007162026None
Claire HuttonMID12/14/20231/11/2006182026None
Gabrielle RobinsonCB3/20/20236/18/2001222026None


Birthdays and designations based on the official KC Current roster release. “Age” is as of 3/14/2024.

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