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Kansas City playing host to six World Cup matches, including a quarterfinal



Gianluca Busio
Credit: Thad Bell

Congratulations to everyone who was able to sit through the World Cup 2026 schedule announcement on Fox. Your efforts were rewarded with the news that Kansas City has been selected to host a total of six World Cup matches.

Arrowhead Stadium will play host to four Group Stage matches, a Round of 32 match, and a highly coveted Quarterfinal.

Group Stage: June 16, June 20, June 25, June 27
Round of 32: July 3
Quarterfinal: July 11

The announcement show was doomed before it started. With basketball we have Selection Sunday. In the NFL, Draft Day. They know how to put on a show.

Fox came out swinging with “World Cup 26 Schedule Announcement”.

It was a star-studded affair with Kevin Hart and Kim Kardashian. It’s a can’t-miss, right? Even Drake made an appearance interviewing with Gianni Infantino. (Wow! A suit-hoodie? Man, he’s so cool and laidback and definitely a regular guy just like us.)

After the show painfully crept along, we eventually got the full schedule. Here’s a breakdown of the host cities:

I love the decision to open the tournament with the Azteca. It’s the only true choice if you want to show what a soccer stadium in North America can really do.

Metlife Stadium in New Jersey is set to host the final, while Miami was given the consolation of the third place match. Jerry World down in Dallas will be hosting a total nine matches, the most of any city. Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New Jersey will also be busy with eight matches.

The west coast gets all the love for the US Men’s National Team group stage matches. The Yanks will play two games in Los Angeles, and one in Seattle. We’ll keep their travel light for the group stage. Then as they progress through the knockout rounds, they’ll make their way across the country. All the way to the final in Jersey!

A new Shade of Blue is out covering the newly released schedule, as well as making fun of Infantino and the announcement show. Plus, the addition of Memo Rodriguez, debating the Leagues Cup, and everything else from Sporting KC’s preseason so far.

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