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Who is Daniel Shalloy? Apple TV continues to miss the mark

Just ask Hugo Joris.



Credit: Thad Bell

One of the growing pains fans noticed in the first year of Apple TV’s decade-long broadcast rights deal with Major League Soccer, were the announcers who were suddenly covering teams they hadn’t before.

While quite annoying, the mispronunciations and incorrect statements were begrudgingly accepted as we waited for Apple to work out the kinks.

But now, we’re in season two. It’s been a full year.

Hugo Joris? Daniel Shalloy? It’s embarrassing.

Or at least it should be.

Daniel Salloi is a key player and literal MLS All Star for Sporting KC. And Hugo Lloris!? Is he MOST famous keeper on the planet… or just the second most famous goal keeper in the entire world?

All the research it takes to get players’ names right, is to watch the match highlights from the week before.

This is a really simple fix. It’s very basic stuff and it isn’t asking a lot. Apple TV simply need to be better on this front.

On that note, the Apple TV Pronunciation Guide is the sponsor of this week’s episode of Shades of Blue!

The Sporting KC defense has only allowed one goal in the first three matches, according to Cody’s personal record book. Andreu Fontas was a WALL in the shut out at LAFC.

Was the Tim Melia handball as dumb as it looked? Or did the referees cause the confusion?

The Alan Pulido scoring drought continues. Is 0-0-3 an acceptable record thus far?

Thankfully, SKC will face the San Jose Earthquakes this weekend, who have yet to earn a point this season while allowing seven goals so far.

KC Current open the new stadium this weekend! We talk food options… and the very important distinction between tacos & burritos.

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