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What we learned about former KC Current head coach Matt Potter’s dismissal

KC Current general manager Camille Ashton met with the media this afternoon to discuss the recent dismissal of former head coach Matt Potter.



Former Current coach Matt Potter | Credit: Thad Bell

Kansas City Current general manager Camille Ashton met with the media this afternoon to discuss the recent dismissal on Wednesday of former head coach Matt Potter. In her opening statement, Ashton said that there are “certain things we cannot respectfully share,” but that the club wanted to be transparent about what they could share.

What we learned

  • The club’s recent start of 0-3 was frustrating, and they felt it was an appropriate time to take action, believing every decision made is in the players’ best interest.
  • There was a breakdown and disconnect in the leadership communication and ultimately trust with the staff.
  • The Current’s decision had nothing to do with the Mykiaa Minniss accusations or any of the players.
  • The club is not aware of any violations of the CBA in the Minniss incident (which had been speculated as part of the reason for Potter’s firing).
  • The league and NWSL Players Association are fully aware of the reasons for Potter’s dismissal. There is nothing to investigate regarding this decision.
  • “We act with immediacy in any circumstance with any situation that comes to light. We felt this was having a significant impact on our culture and our staff,” Ashton said on the timing of the decision.
  • Ashton traveled to Houston this Wednesday to dismiss Potter.
  • All players were informed on the decision and were given an opportunity to ask questions and express concerns.
  • There is no set timeline for a permanent head coach hire, and the club believes in interim head coach Caroline Sjöblom.

Ashton was very careful to not give full details for the actual reason(s) for Potter’s firing. Perhaps she is legally bound by what to share at this point, but it left plenty of questions. What we know now is that this decision to fire Potter was results-based, combined with a breakdown in communication between Potter and management. Perhaps there were higher expectations this year that Potter had just not quite met after a 0-3 start.

Perhaps this story will keep developing or perhaps this is just how the Potter era ends in Kansas City.


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