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The Pressure is Building for Peter Vermes & Sporting KC

The heat is on Peter Vermes as fans are demanding change.



Credit: Thad Bell

It was more of the same for Sporting KC over the weekend in a 2-1 loss to the New England Revolution. They have no offensive firepower, no creativity in the midfield, and they earned another red card as well. SKC is officially bottom of the table with three goals on the season, equal to the number of red cards they’ve received. On this episode of Shades of Blue, we’re talking about the various changes the club could make to appease fans.

Erik Thommy may have been better than his recent form, but as the attacking midfielder, his play is actively hindering SKC. Alan Pulido has still yet to go 90 minutes but he looks like the only source of creativity at times. Both Daniel Salloi and Johnny Russell have also yet to play to their abilities this season.

The heat is on Peter Vermes as players return from injury and the form doesn’t seem to be improving. This show is Vermes Out curious and we discuss what that might look like. Our eyes on are on the players, who still seem to be motivated. But if a coach loses the locker room, it’s over.

Tuesday’s US Open Cup match against Tulsa is a golden opportunity for SKC to right the ship and remember what winning feels like. But if they lose… could it be the end of Peter Vermes?

We play a game of ‘You Be the Coach’. You’re now the manager of Sporting KC, what would YOU do with the lineup this week?

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