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Talking Sporting KC v New England, KC Current, Dom Dwyer

Discussing Sporting KC losing to the New England Revolution, Willy Agada’s injury, Dom Dwyer on trial and the KC Current!



Johnny Russell | Credit: Seven One Mag

For the Glory KC is back with the 29th episode of the show! There has been more winning in KC soccer, but it’s exactly who you’d expect to win (aka, not Sporting).

On this week’s episode, we start with discussing the 2-1 loss by Sporting Kansas City to the New England Revolution on the road. We break down some of the changes that were made from the game, and how Sporting KC just keep finding new ways to lose (seriously, two failed throw ins?!?!) each week.

Then we transition to bad news on Willy Agada and news on his possible replacement. We break down our thoughts on Dom Dwyer being in trial and what other directions SKC could go with the roster spot.

Finally, we get to some better news (mixed with some awkward news) about the Kansas City Current. They beat the Orlando Pride, but they somewhat mishandled the firing of head coach Matt Potter.

Plus, we preview SKC versus Tulsa Athletic in the third round of the US Open Cup.

Here is a quick rundown of topics (and approximate start times):

  • Earth Day Jersey Rant – 1:45
  • Sporting KC lose again – 5:01
  • Willy Agada is hurt and is Dom Dwyer his replacement? – 25:21
  • More on the Matt Potter firing – 44:15
  • KC Current defeat Orlando – 51:17
  • Sporting KC US Open Cup Preview – 57:14
  • Digital Crawl – 1:03:08

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