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The argument against re-signing Alan Pulido

Sporting KC has re-signed star striker Alan Pulido to a new contract. But is three years too long for an aging player coming off massive knee surgery?



Credit: Thad Bell

Alan Pulido has 40 goals plus assists in 61 appearances across all competitions for Sporting KC. That means two out of every three times he puts on the jersey, he creates a goal.

When Pulido is on the field… he is THAT dude.

But the key phrase being “when he’s on the field.”

Sporting KC announced a new three-year deal for the 32-year-old Mexican striker this week, keeping him through the 2026 season when he will be 35. The reaction has largely been positive, but some fans have their questions. Which is fair game!

He played in half the games, but reportedly doubled the money with his new contract.

Pulido is on the wrong side of 30 and coming off a massive knee injury that kept him out for well over a year. Sporting KC are far from a “young” team, and this move just sends them the wrong direction. Bringing back aging players is something SKC fans have grown far too familiar with.

So having fears or doubts about what Alan Pulido will be three years from now, is far from crazy. I myself am very pleased SKC got this deal done! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my worries.

To really dive into the contract right now is simply impossible. Because, well, you need to know what the contract is. The big question will come down to the structuring of the deal and what it will look like in 2026, the final year of the contract.

The hope would be that his contract is front loaded for the first two years. This could make Pulido ‘TAM-able’ in 2026, meaning SKC could then buy down his contract to below DP status, opening up a slot to sign someone else.

When it comes down to it, Alan Pulido is one of – if not the – best striker in Major League Soccer. You already have what you’re hoping to find by spending $15 million on a transfer fee. If you are Sporting KC, or any professional sports team for that matter, can you really just let the best striker in the league leave your team for free?

We’ve got the full debate on an emergency episode of Shades of Blue this week. It’s a deep dive into Alan Pulido, potential contract details, and the impact this massive news will have on the club.

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