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Shades of Left Back – Seth Sinovic joins the pod

Seth Sinovic on the Shades of Blue



Seth Sinovic celebrating key goal in playoffs | Credit: Thad Bell

Back at it again with another Shades of Blue! This time, Thad, Robert, and David are joined by special guest (and hometown hero), Seth Sinovic. Seth, along with a number of former teammates, are back in town to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the 2013 MLS Cup trophy. The guys ask Seth all the crucial questions from that 2013 run: did the MLS Cup get him any dates? Who complained the most about the cold during MLS Cup? What is Matt Besler’s most annoying trait?

Most importantly, Seth answers the question we all need to know: will he be taking the field at left back once again to help push Sporting Kansas City into the playoffs?

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Below is the photo I mentioned in the pod of Seth celebrating his goal against New England. Not one of my most technically correct or sharpest images but still one I love. A significant playoff moment, the security guy celebrating, and the goal by a hometown hero. – Thad

Seth Sinovic slide after scoring | Credit: Thad Bell

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