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Moving on from the Gavin Wilkinson saga

There are still questions which need answered even after Sporting KC parted ways with Gavin Wilkinson eight days after hiring him.



Credit: Thad Bell

Whew. What a week we had, SKC Nation. But now we can breath a sigh of relief. On a new episode of Shades of Blue, the crew is trying to figure out how to move on from this ugly episode, and enjoy the season.

Sporting KC fans can happily root for their team this season without feeling gross after the club reversed course and parted ways with Gavin Wilkinson just eight days after hiring him.

I can’t believe they actually changed their minds, but I am elated they did. I was wondering how I would cover and interact with the team this year. Now, all of that worry is gone.

But not forgotten.

How exactly did such an objectively bad decision ever get made? Who was responsible? Are the problems which led to this issue being remedied in any way? Should I worry something like this happen again?

These are all fair questions. It isn’t nitpicking to want more information about this story. An organization making a massively important hire only to say ‘never mind’ a week later, is wildly uncommon and at the very least notable when it does happen.

On Saturday, Peter Vermes spoke to the media following Sporting KC’s first preseason game of the year. The first three questions were all about GW, but Vermes refused to discuss it. The long-time KC manager simply referred to the statement released by ownership saying, “there’s nothing more to talk about.”

This is an understandable response from a head coach. He’s focused on preseason and wants to block out all the other noise.

But the problem is that the statement made by Illig, missed the mark as well. There isn’t even an acknowledgement of the faults that led to this hire. If anything, the statement reiterates that the club is proud of the “diligent and exhaustive” process they used to make the decision.

So let’s be glad we can support the players that wear the SKC crest, without guilt. I’m officially excited for the season now! The ball is rolling and we have goals and injuries to talk about!

But it’s hard to forget the Gavin Wilkinson era (week) so fast. Thad calls it a ‘dark cloud’ that will be following along this year. Without any accountability from all this, media and fans will have to question every single thing that comes from Vermes and the front office. They will have to wonder about the judgement of the decision makers at Sporting KC, and be worried when the next mistake will come.

What do you think? Have you moved on from GW or do you still have questions?

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