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Today is the first official day of the Kansas City Soccer Journal. We look forward to everyone following us to our new home at

Why are we moving?

SBNation has stopped supporting almost all of the soccer and hockey sites. It is not our place to tell others how to run their business.

Where are we going?

We looked high and low and were approached by sites that wanted our name, our brand, our reputation and content. None of them felt right so we continued to search. We even researched building a site from scratch.

It was hoped that a group of the former SBNation sites might band together and form a new network. Much like soccer throughout the history of the United States, everyone went their individual directions.

Our sister site in Philadelphia (The Brotherly Game) ended up joining the Soccer Now network with Pittsburgh Soccer Now.

After talking with them, we realized they were a good fit for our new site, and they have proved to be a good partner.

Why Kansas City Soccer Journal?

Why rebrand from The Blue Testament? A well-debated discussion internally took place. We looked for potential new names and weighed them against staying The Blue Testament. Some loved TBT… some hated it. We even debated whether TEAL is a “blue” or not.

With the opportunity to start fresh, with a name that clearly stated our home in Kansas City and our passion in soccer we searched available domains. Ideas flowed, were critiqued and the cost of various possible domains kept some of us up late at night.

The Kansas City Soccer part was easy but not a domain that we could use. Eventually, we settled on Kansas City Soccer Journal.

Journal felt more right than other names. A journal can be a magazine that focuses on a specialized subject like a scientific journal. A journal can be a newspaper. A place where you go to get the daily news. A journal can also be where daily activities are documented.

Journal is a name that can not only report, explain and focus on specific news, but it is also a place where we can tell stories about the game that we love. The history, little-known facts and stats, and personal stories all fit in a journal.

We want the family, the community that has grown with The Blue Testament to have a new home. The writers and most importantly the readers have a new place we can call home.

Like any new home, there will be some growing pains. We will still be doing renovations to customize it to our tastes and make it as functional as possible. So please bear with us as we learn a new site, and a new tool and work the bugs out. But there are some new features that will improve coverage as well.

But most of all, please come and join us at our new home. We want you to continue to support us as we want to continue to support you.

We have plans to continue covering the teams that we do now but want to cover every team in the area: Sporting Kansas City, Kansas City Current, Kansas City Comets, Sporting KC II, Sporting KC Academy, Kansas City Courage, Sunflower State FC, Kansas City Sol, and every other team including national teams.

Thaddeus P Bell

Managing Editor

Kansas City Soccer Journal

*Note: We will redirect the domain when we get full control.

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