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How to Save Money on MLS Season Pass

If you are paying full price for MLS Season Pass you are doing it wrong. Let us help you save a little or a lot on watching soccer.



Credit: Thad Bell

If you want to watch Major League Soccer and Sporting Kansas City in 2024, Apple’s MLS Season Pass is a must have. Sure, you can catch a stray game here or there on ESPN, FS1, FOX, ABC and so on, but all the games are on MLS Season Pass. No blackouts.

There are games each week not behind the paywall, but if you want to catch every single game from a team you support, or the entire league, this is your only option.

Plus, love it or hate it, the entirety of Leagues Cup with the Liga MX teams, is on Season Pass as well.

The $99.99 price point can be a tough pill to swallow for some fans. However, there is a quick way to save $20 off that price and it’s by having Apple TV+. More on ways to get that free below.

But first, remember if you are a season ticket member to any of the leagues 29 clubs, your MLS Season Pass is included in your membership. You already paid for it by buying tickets, contact your season ticket member rep if you are having troubles.

Is there a Free Trial?

No. You have to pay to unlock the full benefits of MLS Season Pass (or be a season ticket member). The “free trial” would be things like MLS 360, the whip around show that desperately needs to learn from the NFL’s Red Zone. It has commercials, but it’s not behind the paywall. Also, around 40 percent of all the games aren’t behind the paywall either. Outside of that, you’ve got to pay.

Also, T-Mobile isn’t bringing back free MLS Season Pass this year, so that’s out the window if you were waiting on that.

Save Me $20!!

If you are an Apple TV+ subscriber, you get a $20 discount and only have to pay $79.99 for a full season of MLS Season Pass. There is literally no reason, if you plan to buy the full season anyways, not to save the $20. You don’t have to pay the $9.99 monthly fee either.

There are numerous free trials or ways to get free trials that will unlock that $20 discount. Apple does a free 7-day trial, you can buy an Apple product and get Apple TV+ for a year and on and on.

But the best way to get Apple TV+ right now is through Best Buy (unless you are entitled to a free year some other way). Best Buy is literally giving away a three-month trial of Apple TV+ with no strings attached. All you have to do is cancel before your three months are up to avoid the $9.99 per month cost. It’s good for new or qualified returning subscribers.

So, if you are an MLS or Sporting KC sicko like we are here at the KC Soccer Journal, there is no reason to not go save $20 on MLS Season Pass and get yourself three-months of Apple TV+ in the process. Then you can catch up on shows you may have missed like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, For All Mankind or any other number of shows and/or movies.

Bonus Tip: Family Sharing

I am not an Apple product user. No iPhone. No iPad. Judge me, I don’t care. Last year, when I setup MLS Season Pass, I did so through my own account and made myself primary. But because I didn’t do it on an iPhone, I wasn’t able to take advantage of a great feature: Apple Family Sharing.

If someone in your household can be the primary account holder that has an Apple device, like my For the Glory KC podcast co-host and wife, then you can share with up to five other family members. It’s ridiculous that you can’t share without an Apple product, but just a heads up for the future. Especially if you share season tickets on one account with multiple people. This is a must to setup if one of you has an Apple product.

The action starts for Sporting KC on Saturday. Catch our match and season preview content!

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