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Have Sporting KC Solved Their Defensive Woes?

Breaking down Sporting KC vs. Philadelphia Union, KC Current vs. the Portland Thorns, a little SKC II action and the Mykiaa Minniss saga.



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For the Glory KC is back (just like we said we’d be back) with the 24th episode of the show.

On this week’s first episode, Sheena and I breakdown the weekend games, including Sporting Kansas City traveling to the Philadelphia Union, the KC Current’s home opener against the Portland Thorns and even a little Sporting KC II action as they hosted Austin FC II.

Sporting KC made a lot of changes to their lineup, so we talk about what we liked and what we didn’t. Sheena and I sat with the Blue Crew for the home opener, so we give a unique perspective on that game (well, I’m not sure how unique since it was as full as I’ve ever seen it for a Current game).

We also delve into the KC Current’s controversy around the handling of draft pick Mykiaa Minniss (here is a link to a story summing up that situation in The Athletic).

Here is a quick rundown of topics (and approximate start times):

  • Sporting KC vs. Philly Draw – 2:03
  • KC Current lose their home opener – 27:51
  • Sporting KC II win (sort of) – 38:42
  • Mykiaa Minniss controversy – 42:45
  • Digital Crawl (y’all) – 48:07

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The temporary intro/outro music is by Kristian Leo and is from the song “Ride it Like You Mean It.”

Transcript from Revoldiv available after about 24 hours. Click the link, then search “For the Glory KC” for a free transcription. I’ll try and come back and update it when I have it (but I failed last Thursday, sorry)!

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