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Analyzing the Sporting KC Schedule & the Last Two Weeks

After a week off for the holidays, we’re back! Lots of news from Kinda, the Sporting KC schedule, US Open Cup and more!



Credit: Thad Bell

For the Glory KC is back with the 65th episode of the show and the final podcast of season two and 2023!

We look back on 2023 and our favorite memories from Sporting Kansas City and the KC Current. Sadly, we have to talk about Gadi Kinda no longer being on Sporting KC, even if we’ve seen it coming for weeks.

Then we break down the 2024 Sporting KC MLS schedule. The biggest dates, the possible road trips and of course, Messi. Which naturally led us to the debate about if the Inter Miami game should be moved from Children’s Mercy Park to Arrowhead Stadium.

The SKC preseason was also announced, meaning no more preseason trips to Arizona, but Florida is on the table. We give some new details on the three Sporting KC draft picks, some changes to the US Open Cup (again) and of course, the Digital Crawl, y’all.

In the Digital Crawl, we breeze through the following topics:

  • A possible third kit is being released for Sporting KC
  • SKC II add 19-year-old Haris Alisah
  • Former KC Current players Addisyn Merrick and Elyse Bennett land in Utah
  • Lots of personal news for Cece Kizer, Erik Thommy and Kortne Ford
  • And the revelation today that Hugo Lloris is signing with LAFC

Here is a quick rundown of topics (and approximate start times):

  • Favorite memories of SKC/Current for 2023 – 4:33
  • Gadi Kinda is officially gone – 14:00
  • Sporting KC’s schedule is out – 20:02
  • Should SKC move the Messi game to Arrowhead – 31:15
  • Sporting KC preseason announced – 43:53
  • SKC draft 3 players in the SuperDraft – 48:16
  • US Open Cup update – 54:28
  • Digital Crawl – 58:32

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