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Will Bassong get a rematch with FC Dallas on Wednesday?

Zorhan Bassong was red carded vs FC Dallas in MLS play, but he could get a rematch in the US Open Cup.



Zorhan Bassong stands of Paul Arriola after a confrontation in Sporting KC's MLS match vs FC Dallas.
Credit: Thad Bell

Zorhan Bassong may have been red carded, but he gave us something that will live forever.

Funny images on the internet.

It was a wild series of events which set up a spicy rematch just a few days later. Sporting KC will face off with FC Dallas again on Wednesday. This time, in the US Open Cup Quarterfinals.

Bassong will of course have to sit out Sporting KC’s next MLS match… but US Open Cup is fair game.

The latest episode of Shades of Blue is talking about the Bassong Bump (classes are now open at Tim Melia’s Self Defense Dojo!) and SKC’s 3-2 win on Sunday. Plus, the stage is set for the roster rebuild over the next four years. The fate of the club is in the hands of Mike Burns. The show tells you what to expect in the coming years.

The guys are also talking about the KC Current unbeaten streak coming to an end, likely because of the Media Game curse.

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GV dude

Bassong is now awesome. All his mistakes on the year forgiven. Clean slate. This team has been lacking a janitor since red card Roger hung it up. Has Bassong heard the call of the warrior? I hope so.

Arriola was blown up. You could tell he wasn’t prepared for that reaction. Glad the didn’t headbutt him like Zidane.

Mister Murse

Yes! And him hyping the crowd afterword. Hell yea. He got the fans back into it.



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