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What We Want to Happen Today: Decision Day



It’s MLS Decision Day, and Sporting KC’s hopes of making the playoffs hang in the balance. To stand even a chance of making the playoffs, they need to first take care of business themselves, beating the visiting Minnesota United tonight. It’s a Minnesota team that is also fighting for their playoff lives and need the same things Sporting does to make the playoffs, a win and help. Here’s a look at the rest of the league and what KC want to happen in the games that matter for them.

Easter Conference

Charlotte vs Miami
Cincinnati vs Atlanta
New York City vs Chicago
Nashville vs New York
New England vs Philadelphia
Toronto vs Orlando
What We Want to Happen: Does Not Matter

None of these games affect Sporting KC in any way regarding their playoff standing or a potential MLS Cup match up.

Columbus vs Montreal
What We Want to Happen: Columbus win

This game only matters for a potential MLS Cup match up between Sporting KC and CF Montreal. A Montreal win puts them on 44 points, the total Sporting reaches with a win today. But a Montreal win would give them the wins tie breaker over KC.

Western Conference

Colorado vs Salt Lake
St. Louis vs Seattle
Vancouver vs LAFC
What We Want to Happen: Does Not Matter

None of these games will have any an effect on Sporting and their race to get into the playoffs, though they could have an effect on who KC plays depending on what seed they get.

Los Angeles vs Dallas
What We Want to Happen: LA win/draw
Portland vs Houston
What We Want to Happen: Houston win/draw
San Jose vs Austin
What We Want to Happen: Austin win/draw

Putting these three all together because it comes down to this for Sporting. They need to defeat Minnesota United tonight to even have a shot at making the playoffs. If they take care of business at home, they need at least one of these things to happen to make the playoffs. One result going their way would see KC jump into the ninth seed as they hold the wins tiebreaker on all three of FC Dallas, the Portland Timbers, and San Jose Earthquakes. They would be on the road against whoever finishes in the eigth seed. If two of the results go KC’s way, they’ll jump to eighth and host the wild card round.

If all three results go Kansas City’s way, they’d jump all the way to the seven seed and face the two seed. Should that happen they’d face either Los Angeles FC (on the road vs the Vancouver Whitecaps), the Seattle Sounders (on the road vs St. Louis City), or the Houston Dynamo (on the road vs Portland). KC went 0-1-1 vs LAFC, 1-1 vs Seattle, and 1-0-1 vs Houston.

If all four results go against them, KC would likely fall down to twelfth in the conference.

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