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What We Want to Happen Today 10/7



Sporting KC take the field this weekend with the possibility of being eliminated from playoff contention if results go against them. They can be eliminated from contention with a loss to Real Salt Lake combined with an FC Dallas win or draw with the San Jose Earthquakes. They can also be eliminated with a draw combined with a Dallas win and an Austin FC win vs Los Angeles FC. But since KC still has a chance at the playoffs, here’s a look at today’s MLS action and what KC will want to happen to keep their playoff chances alive.

Atlanta vs Columbus
Orlando vs New England
Philadelphia vs Nashville
Houston vs Colorado
Seattle vs Vancouver
What we want to happen: Does not matter

These games have no effect on KC as Sporting either can’t catch the teams or the the teams can’t catch them.

What we want to happen: Draw

This game barely matters as both teams are outside the playoffs right now and only matter for KC is Sporting were to face either team in MLS Cup for hosting purposes. On that note, hope neither team picks up all three.

Miami vs Cincinnati
What we want to happen: Cincinnati win

Like the DC United vs New York City FC game, this game only matters in an MLS Cup match up between KC and Inter Miami. That said a Miami loss here basically eliminates them, so the game almost doesn’t matter.

Montreal vs Portland
What we want to happen: Montreal win

East vs West, go East. The Portland Timbers are five points ahead of KC so dropping all three points is needed.

New York vs Toronto
What we want to happen: Toronto win

Toronto FC can’t catch KC, the New York Red Bulls still can for a hypothetical KC/New York MLS Cup, so dropping points to keep them below KC is the reason here.

Austin vs LAFC
What we want to happen: LAFC win

Sporting is level on points with Austin FC, so them dropping all three points is important here.

Chicago vs Charlotte
What we want to happen: Charlotte win

Like all the East vs East games that matter for Sporting, this is about a hypothetical MLS Cup match up. Charlotte FC cant still pass KC on points, but sit in thirteenth in the East while the Chicago Fire sit in eighth. A win for the Fire puts them on 43 points, one point under KC’s current max, so them dropping all three points and hoping Charlotte drops points elsewhere is the key here.

Dallas vs San Jose
What we want to happen: Dallas loss

KC is eliminated with a loss/draw if FC Dallas win (and Austin wins). So Dallas dropping all three points here is wanted, even if it means the San Jose Earthquakes move out of range for KC.

Minnesota vs LA
What we want to happen: Draw

Minnesota United is level on points with KC while the LA Galaxy are three points behind, but have a game in hand. Neither team picking up all three points here is what KC want. KC playing Minnesota on Decision Day means if they don’t win, KC will finish ahead of them with a win.

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