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Vermes calls out “shot stopping” and defense

Vermes didn’t name certain players, but he did point the finger at the defense and “shot stopping” after Sporting KC lost at Austin FC.



mcintosh and rosero
Credit: Thad Bell

Peter Vermes will almost always backup his players. A few times over his tenure with Sporting KC, however, he’s let his frustration be known. And it’s meaningful when it does.

It’s often followed by a swift departure and a “mutually agreed to part ways” announcement. He won’t name names, but reference a specific play to make it clear with whom he is frustrated.

“I think that it was poor defending on our part on both goals. I also thought that we also could have done better just from a shot stopping perspective, especially the second one.” – Peter Vermes

After the 2-1 loss at Austin FC, Vermes mentioned the defense as a whole. But he also mentioned the shot stopping on the second goal. On this episode on Shades of Blue, we’re talking about Kendall McIntosh and if these comments mean a change is coming.

It should be noted Vermes did back up McIntosh later in the press conference when he pointed out many of the recent goals weren’t necessarily his fault. But will he make a change for The Big Bear, John Pulskamp? Or perhaps Sporting KC has changed their minds about the keeper of the future.

The media game was last week during the RSL game. Everyone survived without too many bruised egos. David gives us the analysis on everyone who played.

We dive into the draw with RSL, as well as the 2-1 loss at Austin FC on Saturday night. What went wrong? Where is SKC falling short?

We are already doing an offseason show with nine games left to play. Depressing, to say the least. But the fans are talking about a roster overhaul. Who on this roster is worth keeping around for a rebuild?

1st Segment – Media Game & RSL match
2nd Segment – Vermes Post-Game Audio from Austin FC
3rd Segment – Overhauling the roster

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