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The pressure is on Sporting KC ownership now

Peter Vermes is here to stay, but here’s why the pressure has now shifted to the Sporting KC ownership group.



Credit: Thad Bell

The club made it clear that Peter Vermes is here to stay. Whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with him for the next three transfer windows. The latest Shades of Blue podcast explains why from here on out, the pressure has shifted to the Sporting KC ownership group.

Ownership has backed Vermes. Ownership has still failed to find a Technical Director. The ownership needs to spend the money required to make the coming roster rebuild a reality, and turn this club into a perennial winner again.

Additionally, the problems with the club aren’t restricted to the roster and on-field performance. There’s a clear disconnect between the fans and the powers that be. That’s not just a reference to the Gavin Wilkinson debacle, either. The once infamous atmosphere has gone stale. The fanbase feels unheard, that the club doesn’t care about them. They’ve failed to connect in the way they did in 2011 while building the Sporting KC brand and an innovative new stadium.

They built a covenant with the city! But now… that feels like a distant past.

These problems go above Peter Vermes. The pressure over the next two years falls on the club president and the owners.

Check out this week’s episode because there is a lot to talk about beyond the woes of Sporting KC. Even Thad Bell gets excited!

We’re talking about the rumors of a Socceroo coming to SKC, the KC Current, EURO 2024, plus the expectations for the US Men’s National Team and Gregg Berhalter at Copa America.

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