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Sporting KC snap losing streak vs Seattle Sounders



Credit: Thad Bell

The streak is over!

Sporting KC picked up three points tonight for the first time in over two months. They fought back after an early goal from the Seattle Sounders for the 2-1 win.

The speed of Alenis Vargas was the difference. The Honduran scored the winner in the 85th minute off a fantastic assist from Khiry Shelton.

Jordan Morris got things started in the 12th minute. It was the 498th goal he’s scored against Sporting KC in his career (or something like that). The 29-year-old snuck behind the line off a quick restart and easily slotted it passed Tim Melia with one touch.

After seven straight losses, the early goal took the remaining life out of the stadium. But to Sporting KC’s credit, the boys on the field weren’t deterred. Memo Rodriguez was going around the field gassing up each of his teammates to remain focused. If anything, the home side shifted into a new gear after going down 1-0.

They would get rewarded with a goal just a few minutes later off the boot of the greatest Scotsman this city has ever known, Johnny Russell.

Both Alan Pulido and Daniel Salloi were mostly silent throughout the night. Unfortunately, it’s been a common issue for both players. The big names, the key players for Sporting KC simply haven’t been turning up this season. This team will be fighting off the Wooden Spoon if that doesn’t change.

It was rather quiet in the second half until the 70th minute mark. Tackles were becoming stronger and tempers were flaring. Salloi left the game after a tackle that unleashed JFR.

Right after the restart, Reed Baker-Whiting brought down Alenis Vargas from behind to earn his second yellow. The crowd came to life and Sporting KC smelled blood in the water with a man advantage.  The onslaught started with Erik Thommy skimming the top of the net with a rocket from the edge of the box.

Alenis Vargas’ fresh legs off the bench were electric. The whole stadium could feel it. The 20-year-old was instantly causing problems for Seattle and it was only a matter of time.

Shelton had been lively since replacing Jake Davis at right back, the second straight game he appeared there. Much has been made of Khiry and his sizeable contract, but his versatility and determination came in handy tonight.

The win jumps Sporting KC up to 12th on the table. Next Saturday the boys head to the west coast to face the LA Galaxy.

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Let’s go, Khiry! Good assist / pass.

Happy to see a win for the players. Maybe it gets something rolling and some teams ahead of us lose points at an equal clip that SKC gains points.

(#vermesout, #blissout)


Please let Houston have their trash (MEMO) back.


I’m sorry you dislike memo so much, but calling him trash seems pretty harsh. He seems like a person trying to make it in the world. If you’d like to offer some tatlctical analysis of why you don’t like his play, I’d love to hear it, but this comment seems like an overly personal attqck on a player that has by all appearances been trying his best.


I’m deeply curious as to what Memo has done to make you dislike him so much. He’s getting paid leauge minimum, he’s not supposed to be the best guy on the team! Disliking players is fine, I have players I dislike, but across the last through articles where you’ve commented on your dislike for him, you’ve never given any tactical reasons, besides that he “doesn’t do his job”. I would love to hear you expand on what exactly your problem with him is.

GV dude

Your anger is misdirected. His name is Salloi. He’s the one who looks like a 12 year old, dons the 10. Could have easily had a brace and an assist. Gets neither. Turns the ball over a lot. Rolled out as a starter over and over. Vargas scores a very difficult goal on one chance, while Salloi blows multiple opportunities that were much easier. Dude also gets paid.

Memo is actually a blessing to this team. He’s given all out effort in every game. He makes mistakes, but is not on a dp salary. You watch million dollar Fontas get burned last night? Yell for his job honestly. He got burned again, same thing but Morris didn’t get it done the second time.

JFR has the heart of ten men. It won’t be enough. We should have buried 2 and finished the game. Instead we almost gave up a counter equalizer to a team down a man.


The entire team got burned by that pass to Morris. That’s because of the high line, not Fontas.

GV dude

Please go rewatch the goal and when it happened in the second half. The depth of the line is irrelevant. The defenders have to mark players making runs. It was Fontas who should have marked him. A loose argument that Leibold should’ve covered. No one on the right side is responsible for letting Morris through on the left.

I don’t want to be that guy. You’re making bold statements without any context. I could maybe understand what you saw better if you articulate.

Josh Wallace

This is one of the single most ridiculous comments I’ve seen on here in a long time. By several metrics, Memo has been one of our best midfielders this season. He has flaws, don’t get me wrong, but he has been nowhere near trash. Give a take with some substance.


The numbers are lying to you. I typed out a huge tactical summary of why he is bad twice and then the website re-set. I’ll just let y’all think I have something personal against him.


9 games until the transfer window and the 10th game is STL


Buried the lede here; “SKC barely ekes out last-minute win against struggling 10-man team” seems more accurate.


Cool to see Alenis bag his 2nd goal of the year. Wondering if he works better as a super sub or a starter at the moment


I really like him coming on as a sub, and here is the really important part, at or around the 65th minute. His speed and physicality are so effective against tired legs. He reminds me of Anderson Julio on RSL, who they tend to use as a sub, who comes on and destroys tired legs at the end of games. I would obviously like him to grow past that role, but for now, that’s my opinion. what i don’t want him to be, is a vermes sub, who come on with 3 min to go and can’t affect games

GV dude

Starter. When picking the best 11, please give me your reason for starting Salloi over him? He’s in our best 11, rather Vermes figures it out or not. I do like Steve’s take a well. I’m starting him if I’m at the helm. He’s earned it with limited minutes while Salloi has given it away being the unchallenged plugged in starter for years.


I think you’re misunderstanding the intent of my question. I’m not arguing Salloi should necessarily start over Vargas or vice-a-versa, I’m just curious to know if people think Vargas is more valuable when he can come off the bench and inject energy into the game (as Steve suggests) or if we think he’s at the point where he should be starting regularly.

Last edited 9 days ago by KCSpurs1996
GV dude

He’s a starter on this team. I agree with Steve though. He’s probably better suited to sub on for the exact reasons Steve stated. I just can’t agree He’s better suited as a sub right now without stating He’s best 11 currently.


Not exactly where to put this, so I’m just going to leave it here. I’m deeply disappointed in Sporting’s handling of pride month. Last year they had their pride night on a midweek game that had low attendance, and this year they don’t even bother to have one? The prematch pride jerseys don’t even look remotely pride themed, you could tell me they were for any theme and I’d believe you. I really appreciate the cauldron’s tipho, and I loved seeing the crowd last night decked out in pride gear, and waving pride flags, but it’s so disappointing that the organization isn’t doing anything.


I know this is late, but I am so sorry you have gotten so many downvotes. This was absolutely an okay and relevant post to discuss this issue, but more importantly your feelings are completely valid. Please don’t take these downvotes to heart, as hurtful and unnecessary they may be. They are from cowards who kick people when they are down because that is both easier than showing compassion and less scary than expanding their worldview. 

Please take care, and I hope the rest of your week is going much more pleasantly.


Thank you so much for your comment. I had blindly assumed the sorts of people on this website would tend to agree with my feelings on the subject, but clearly I was wrong, and I’ll keep that in mind for the future. It is nice to know that there is at least someone that this post reached that didn’t think I’m terribly wrong, so I appreciate that. I hope your week is going nicely, as well <3


It would be interesting to know the why behind the downvotes. Simple homophobia or actual general disagreement with your opinion? I honestly didn’t notice the pre-match warmup jerseys. You’d think they could do the bare minimum pridewashing, but they tried to hire a harassment enabler, so…

Mister Murse

Oil slick does not equal pride symbol imo. The words were the usual stuff, but the appearances were lacking.

Chad Smith

Yeah, I’m not sure why this got downvoted either. To ar_jhawk’s point is it something deeper and sadder about our little community or a dislike of theme nights?

I can’t imagine a similar post advocating for Sporting Salutes getting downvoted. I simply take it as respect for those that served our country and not some larger nod to the military industrial complex that Dwight D Eisenhour warned us of at the end of his Presidency in the early 1960’s (!!).

Mister Murse

Take or leave this: Vargas only saw the field due to salloi’s injury. Without salloi getting hurt, those subs wouldn’t see the field for a little while longer. Then there is no red card and not as much time for vargas to get settled.

I saw Khiry giving Vargas advice and positioning tips as well. That combo might be a good development combo, khiry, knows the job of the winger.

We still lucked out by not facing the typical Seattle. They missed several chances that vintage Seattle would have buried. They, like us, are struggling.

Johnny rolled back time a little bit. It was refreshing to see him get in someone’s face. Now I see the passion. His goal shouldn’t have been Pulido’s, who looked backwards for most of the match. Pulido was at the top of the box, looking for the perfect way in and almost lost possession. Luckily, it went to memo/Seattle who then kicked it to JFR.

Happy for the win, I guess. Since ownership is not making any plans to even put vermes in the hot seat.

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