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Sporting KC lack effort and belief

The players were lacking effort and belief in the latest ugly loss. Has Sporting KC given up?



Credit: Thad Bell

The newest episode of Shades of Blue is out now and the show has a question we truly didn’t ever expect to ask of Sporting KC. Has the team given up?

Hanging heads and faces-in-hands are to be expected during a tough season like this. But fans need to know the players on the field have a belief they can win. The fans need to see this in the way their team plays the game. Or why else should they be there?

In Sporting KC’s 4-0 loss to the Columbus Crew, that effort and belief were missing. The third goal of the night – before the Crew were even done yet – was the toughest moment to watch for SKC fans.

Sliced right through them,” is one thing. But the really troubling part is that the Sporting KC defense gave up on the play. Pulskamp made an initial save, but only Christian Ramirez was there to clean it up. Khiry Shelton and Andreu Fontas were barely jogging. Dany Rosero came to a complete stop and isn’t even in the camera frame. Robert Voloder kept running, but even he only mustered a half-hearted attempt at a block.

However, one highlight doesn’t mean the entire team has given up. Sporting KC clawed back and were a post away from earning a point against RSL last week. But their demeanor during the loss in Columbus is worrying for the matches to come.

This week’s episode covers the entire weekend of incredible soccer including US Men’s National Team’s win over Bolivia in the Copa America, the KC Current 4-1 win over Portland, Kei Kamara, and Landon Donovan’s hair.

Plus, Josh Wallace joins the show!

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