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Pack the Blue Hell with Blue

It’s time to defend our home field. Kansas City needs to ensure the Blue Hell is blue and that pinkish-red is only in the road section.



Credit: Thad Bell

A fandom has a few responsibilities. None more than doing everything they can to support the person or team they are a fan of. So, I have one request that I would like to discuss. You and I have a job to do! A responsibility. The team needs us now more than they have all season!

Listen people! The boys have done more than we could have asked of them. They have clawed and scraped and made it to the postseason. A bunch of us showed up on a Wednesday night to watch 90 minutes of scoreless soccer, followed by a must win penalty shootout only to leave feeling as if we have just watched our team win the best game ever! Tim Melia proved once again that he is a PK saving god! And so, the team moves on.

The history of this season has been discussed and argued and examined over and over again throughout the past few months, so I don’t want to go deep into those dark waters again, but just don’t forget where we came from. We will have not one, but two, home playoff games. Who would’ve thought? Not me or Daniel Salloi.

So here is our job Kansas City. We have to show up! Sporting Kansas City are going to be hosting our cross-state rivals for the second time this season. We know that they are going to want to buy up all of the tickets and fill our beautiful Blue Hell with their garish pink. We cannot let this happen.

When St. Louis City SC came to Children’s Mercy Park in September there were a lot of St. Louis fans in attendance and that is to be expected. The drive is quick and easy. They have had a pretty successful inaugural season. They will for sure be planning the same trip for November 5th. It is going to be much easier for St. Louis to fill our park on a Sunday afternoon at 4:00 than it will be for SKC fans to fill theirs on a Sunday night at 9:00.

So that’s where we come in. We know that they are going to try to make our home match feel like a home match for St. Louis and we can’t let that happen. You have to show up. Make sure that your friends and family all buy tickets and show up. Tell your acquaintances that are just borderline fans that this is a can’t miss match and have them buy a ticket and show up. Tell the strangers on the street. Tell your coworkers. Tell your kid’s friends to tell their parents. Tell everyone you see to buy a ticket and show up!

Bust out your blue. Don your scarves. Bring your flags and wave them high. Our fandom is strong. We are a loud, powerful and proud group with a long history of supporting our team. Don’t let our boys down when they have worked so hard for us to get to live this moment. Pack the Blue Hell with blue and keep the pink out of there!


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