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Missing the playoffs won’t force major changes at Sporting KC

Frustrated fans would like to see major changes across the organization. But would Sporting KC missing the playoffs accomplish that?



Credit: Thad Bell

The past two seasons have been rough on Sporting KC fans. Their team started the season historically bad and may very well miss the MLS Cup Playoffs for the second year in a row. It all comes down to a Decision Day in which SKC will need help in order to sneak in to the postseason.

Amidst all this perfectly reasonable frustration, some fans have wondered if they even want Sporting KC to make the playoffs. Perhaps two straight years of missing the playoffs will serve as a wake up call for the powers that be and will force major changes at the club. Including with Manager Peter Vermes.

But how likely is something like that to happen? Should you root against SKC in the final game? We dove into the debate on the newest episode of Shades of Blue!

After crawling through the first ten games of the season without Alan Pulido or Gadi Kinda (or a single solitary win), Sporting KC turned things around. Since May, their points-per-game puts them level with the MLS league leaders. All of whom SKC have beaten this season, by the way. In the eyes of the ownership, this simple fact alone will be enough to show them the world isn’t falling apart.

There are many lessons to be learned and questions for the front office, coaches, and players alike. Ones they absolutely will not be bailed out from by sneaking into the playoffs on the final day. But choosing to actively root against your team in the final game, and to miss the playoffs, is not going to force the changes you want to happen.

Nobody wants to sneak in only to be slapped by sT. LoUiS CiTy fC CiTy Sc again. But how incredible would it be to send them home… at their home? That’s why sports are amazing. That’s what being a sports fan is about.

It’s horrible! It’s great! Bring it on.

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