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Messi-mania has taken over MLS

Is it even possible to go overboard when talking about the greatest player of all time?



Credit: Thad Bell

The GOAT has arrived and he’s already doing GREAT things.

Watch it again… I know you will.

Lionel Messi had his dream debut last week, scoring the winner in the 94th minute to lift Inter Miami over Cruz Azul in the Leagues Cup. Of course he did. He’s already proving exactly why you’re seeing his face absolutely everywhere you look. Messi-mania is in full effect all over Major League Soccer.

Starting from the rain-soaked reveal you couldn’t really hear, Messi has dominated every headline, advertisement, video, website, and meme from the league. Is it too much? Does ‘too much’ even exist when you’re talking about the Greatest Player of All Time?

That’s a main topic of discussion on this episode of the Shades of Blue Soccer Show. Some may be already annoyed, but some are happy to be living in a dream world in which Lionel Andr√©s Messi is playing soccer in the United States.

So many exciting things are happening in the world of soccer right now and we have a busy show. Things are really great for everyone… except for Sporting KC and KC Current fans.

SKC picked up a Draw-Loss against FC Cincinnati after blowing a lead (twice). Something we see all too often. They show you the light! They give you something to hope for. They impress you. And then they crush you.

Somehow, Sporting KC made a game you didn’t really care about incredibly painful.

We discuss Alan Pulido’s red card, Khiry Shelton, and Rosero’s chicken wing handball. Is our last chance at finding happiness this season beating St. Louis?

The USWNT kicked off the World Cup with a 3-0 win against Vietnam. A much younger US squad than the final four years ago will take on the Netherlands on Wednesday night.

Segment 1 – Sporting KC and Leagues Cup
Segment 2 – Messi-mania (28:00)
Segment 3 – USWNT & Women’s World Cup (43:00)

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