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Lionel Messi is coming to MLS

It’s official. The GOAT is coming to Major League Soccer.



Argetina legend Lionel Messi is coming to Inter Miami and MLS.

It’s official. No longer just wishful thinking or rumors. This isn’t fake news. The GOAT is headed to the states. Lionel Messi is coming to MLS!

Lionel Messi made the announcement himself on Mundo Deportivo that he’s made his decision and Inter Miami is his next destination. It’s truly a massive day for the game in our country and Shades of Blue recorded an emergency show to celebrate! El mejor del mundo!

Messi turned down a reported $1.6 billion (with a ‘b’!) from Saudi Arabia. MLS had to get “creative” with the contract. We dive into the crazy, intricate world of MLS rules & regulations. Even our resident historian Mike Kuhn is in over his head with this one. Everything will be bent, stretched, and shoved under the rug in order to get the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen. And to be honest… we’re fine with it.

It was done on a Spanish news outlet, but Cody has some Bad Translations from Messi’s announcement. He already hates Seattle!?

You can read a longer write-up for Messi to Miami on our other post.

Does he have anything left? Did he come to retire? Are his friends joining him in MLS? What does Messi to MLS mean for the league?

For those already planning your trip to Miami when Sporting KC play Inter, you might want to pump the breaks. The game in September is during an international window when Argentina have games.

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