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Keys to Sporting KC’s turnaround

After a historically poor start, Sporting KC was the best in the West in the month of May. How have they turned things around this season? We go into the specifics of the impact of players returning from injury.



Credit: Thad Bell

We’re all still suffering from a bit of PTSD as a result of Sporting KC’s historically awful start to the season. But in the month of May, they were the best in the West.

Are they out of the woods yet? Of course not. But the recent form is undeniable, and this is a fun team to watch again.

Obviously the main key to SKC’s recent success, was the return of several players from injury. Including arguable the two best players on the team. But after the 2-1 win over FC Dallas, the Shades of Blue Soccer Show is talking about the specific impact of players returning.

The defense is far from perfect. But is it exactly good enough for MLS? If you conveniently throw out the STL match, the defense has actually been quite stingy. We discuss the pros and cons of Andreu Fontas, and fantasize about him being the third string centerback. I’m just saying… the transfer window opens in July.

Dany Rosero has still only played a handful of games for Sporting KC, but he’s brought something this team has been missing for as long as I can remember. He has another level of ferocity when it comes to winning headers. He’s desperate, scratching, and clawing to get his head on a cross. While it may have only resulted in one goal so far, this opens things up for other players and SKC is more dangerous on set pieces.

Perhaps an unsung hero of this resurgence has been Nemanja Radoja playing in the holding midfield position. It’s not a glamorous position and he isn’t making headlines. But having a natural #6 entirely changed the midfield. They can play with both Gadi Kinda and Erik Thommy together. It allows Remi Walter to play his stronger position. And it also means we get 30-min Roger Espinoza. Roger off the bench for short spells, making $86k, is a true gift to us all.

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