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Keeping Current pod, same results on the field but new voice on the pod

Current struggles continues and we needed to talk



Houston goal by Ordonez | Credit: Thad Bell

Kansas City’s struggles continued with another 2-0 loss, this time to the Houston Dash. Thad Bell from the Kansas City Soccer Journal is back with a new voice on the pod to talk Kansas City Current. Talented soccer player Keaton Coad has joined the Journal. Keaton’s analytical outlook helps break down what the Current did wrong and could have done better.

Houston’s Diana Ordóñez scored when she was able to turn on a Current center back shortly before the half. The Dash followed it up a few minutes into the second half on a set piece when  Caprice Dydasco found defender a lightly defended Ally Prisock at the back post.

The Current were expected to be far better than their record so far and but they are on a five-game losing streak. Four regular season games and one NWSL Challenge Cup match have ended in defeat. Various defensive woes and sporadic scoring have seen the Current drop to the bottom of the table in 12th place. Time is running out for the Current, what can coach Sjöblom do to turn it around? Are they playing the right formation? Style?


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