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Jimmy Conrad weighs in on Fire Vermes debate

The Sporting KC legend talks Ted Lasso appearance, Peter Vermes, and his Top 5 KC players of all time.



Biiiig Jimmy Conrad, bumping elbows with celebrities, appearing on the internationally adored Ted Lasso TV series, and generally being everywhere in US Soccer, hasn’t forgotten the little people in Kansas City. The Sporting KC Legend & Former US Men’s National Team Player joined the KC Soccer Journal this week on Shades of Blue, and he spoke quite candidly about Peter Vermes and the problems at Sporting KC.

“So I think at this point, there might be time for a new voice.”

Conrad joined the KC Wizards in 2003, just a year after Vermes retired. He then played for Vermes during the 2009-10 seasons. While Jimmy says it may not have been the most pleasant of exits from KC as a player, he holds no grudge with the long-time SKC manager. Quite the opposite, actually.

“Peter Vermes has revolutionized the game […] and I think he deserves a lot of credit for that.”

But you can’t stay serious for too long around Jimmy Conrad. He takes us behind the scenes of Ted Lasso and tells the story of his surprise guest appearance. We also had some contention on the show with Cody facing his crimes for a terrible take about Jimmy and Sporting KC Legends inductees.

As the definitive voice on US and KC Soccer, he also gives us his Top 5 Sporting KC Wizards of all time. All while the show’s Host & Producer drops out at the worst possible time.

That’s a fine.

The Soccer Tournament (TST) is coming up on June 1st and he’s teamed up with DaMarcus Beasley to play for a $1 million, winner take all, tournament against some big names from around the world. You can watch the games on on his YouTube channel. Go give him, AND US, a sub!

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