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The Blue Testament

Talking Baltimore and an interview with legendary keeper Alan Mayer

Recap and preview of the Comets matches and Alan Mayer stops by to chat



Erik Bergrud from the Kansas City Comets broadcast team and Thad Bell from The Blue Testament have another episode of The Blue Turf. The Kansas City Comets were blasted in Baltimore (totally expected this pun there). With a small field and Kansas City not playing anywhere near their potential, the result was the Comets landing on the bad side of a 9-2 scoreline. They have a chance for payback as they host Baltimore Saturday. It is a two-game weekend as the Comets head to Milwaukee the next day so the coaching staff will have to balance the games and travel.

This pod was recorded while the Comets practiced so there is a bit (and at times a lot) of ambiance during the recording.

After Erik and Thad recapped and previewed the matches he had to leave. Thad had the opportunity to chat with legendary keeper Alan Mayer. He was a great keeper at all levels and is an even greater person. Mayer was recently recognized in San Diego for the anniversary of winning the MISL MVP as part of the 1982-83 championship team.

As in most years, the Sockers were a powerhouse that year. The Ron Newman led team finished several games clear of the Wichita Wings. the closest team in the standings.

Alan tells us about the challenges that year and a whole lot more.

The Mayer interview starts approximately 22 minutes into the pod.

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