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Hernandez and Leibold interviews from media day.

Felipe and Tim on the Shades of Blue podcast



Part three of the Sporting Kansas City media day interviews on the Shades of Blue podcast. This time we have Felipe Hernandez and Tim Leibold join the pod. Sporting KC is preparing for the home opener against the LA Galaxy.

Felipe Hernandez is a homegrown player that has played at every level in the Sporting KC Pro Player Pathway.

Tim Leibold is a German left-back that joined Sporting KC in January but we get to hear how far back SKC was interested in him.


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5:50 Felipe Hernandez joins the pod and nobody knows how long he has been on the first team

6:30 A roller coaster of a journey, maturing as a person on and off the field

7:31 Competition for time

8:30 Difference in coming off the bench, especially in Colorado

9:04 Competition with and joking with the “old man” and the similarity to Roger

10:45 Staying in contact with former teammates

11:25 Tim Leibold joins the pod girlfriend on the way to join him soon

12:52 Adapting to Sporting KC

13:25 Comparing MLS to 2 Bundesliga.

14:08 The process of joining SKC

15:39 A very good feeling

17:15 Is Johnny Russell funny?

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Some of the questions to Vermes and Reid and their responses were covered in a previous article from Robert Rusert.

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