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For the Glory KC: Vermes Sporting KC Media Day Exclusives and an LA Galaxy Preview

We’ve learned some roster construction news for all your MLS nerds out there, plus a bunch of less nerdy bits.



For the Glory KC is back with the 11th episode of season two (Episode 18 overall)!

On this week’s second episode Sheena and I talk about my day at Sporting Kansas City media day! I had the chance to observe practice, talk to coaches and players and in particular get in a one-on-one conversation with Peter Vermes. I usually make these podcast “articles” pretty short, but there are a few things I think need to live via the written word somewhere, so I’m sneaking them in here. They are all nerdy roster construction questions (but there is plenty of non-nerdy roster stuff in the episode).

Peter Vermes confirmed the following:

Here is a quick rundown of topics:

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