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Tzionis and Kinda interviews from Sporting KC media day

Tzionis is fighting for playing time and Kinda is recovering



Media day for Sporting Kansas City was held this week ahead of the 2023 season home opener versus the LA Galaxy. After an open practice, the media headed to the stadium. Some media skipped practice and went straight to the stadium for the obligatory free food and press conference.

They missed out on seeing Gadi Kinda in practice. While not in full practice like Alan Pulido is now, Kinda is getting closer to full practice and ultimately stepping on the field again. Kinda participated in warm-up drills and ball handling, drills. But then did some drills with a trainer while sitting out of the scrimmages but joined back in for a limited amount of shooting drills at the end.


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4:28 Marinos Tzionis joins the pod and gives a pronunciation class

5:04 Getting a start in Colorado

5:45 The difference between playing in the Cypriot league and MLS

6:04 “You have to work on this team.”

6:55 Getting a preseason this year

7:35 Refusing to leave so he could fight for a spot

8:20 Favorite position

8:45 Robert is envious of his hair and we find out what he likes to do off the field

10:09 Gadi Kinda joins the pod and talks about his long recovery

10:23 The hardest part of the recovery

11:55 Recovering with Pulido

13:30 An estimate on when he can start a game (do not hold him to it)

13:57 The potential of the team for this season

15:12 Backflips in the future?

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Some of the questions to Vermes and Reid and their responses were covered in a previous article from Robert Rusert.

Peter Vermes pod interview

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Felipe Hernandez and Tim Leibold joined the pod.

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