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What needs to change for Sporting KC?

After a beatdown at home, SKC is testing even the diehard fans.



The rough start to the season was one thing. But a 4-1 beatdown at home, at the hands of Jordan Morris and the Seattle Sounders, Sporting KC is testing their most diehard fans. On this episode of Shades of Blue, the guys are talking about what changes need to happen.

Peter Vermes spoke very openly about his team after the match. We listen to audio and it seems quite clear he is referring to Ben Sweat. Who, on top of a red card, had another very poor performance.

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Everywhere you look on the field in this match, SKC fell short. The attack was nonexistent outside of another lone, fortunate goal. The midfield was dominated. And the defense was embarrassing. SKC was simply going through the motions. Have you ever seen such sad crosses in your entire life?

Is Sporting KC the worst team in MLS right now?

The fanbase is fed up. Wholesale changes are needed from top to bottom. What can the club do, right now, to show the fans that this is unacceptable? Our eyes are on the three big names: Jake Reid, Brian Bliss, and Peter Vermes.

Whether it’s the gameday experience, fan engagement, or the product on the field, Sporting KC has fallen from the cutting edge and no longer set an example for MLS.

What changes do you want to see from the club?

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