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The Blue Testament

Has Sporting Fit taken on new meaning?

As the club deals with perpetual injury problems, the term now feels sarcastic.



Sporting Fit used to represent the intensity and unrivaled work rate from Sporting KC. But after years of perpetual injury concerns, the term now feels like more of a slap in the face.

But a new episode of Shades of Blue is here for your group therapy this week.

The struggles continue after a 2-1 loss at FC Dallas over the weekend. Daniel Salloi was able to get the first goal of the season for SKC, but even that silver lining needed a major deflection to find the back of the net. Erik Thommy and Willy Agada missed back-to-back penalties and the team as a whole failed to look dangerous all night.

These are almost all the same guys who were looking like one of the strongest teams in MLS finishing out last season. So what the heck happened? In the face of injuries, roster construction is a major question. But the players themselves have failed to step up. Salloi has yet to shine like the star player this club needs him to be. Agada is entirely snake bitten. Marinos Tzionis hasn’t progressed which means Khiry Shelton is still playing.

We do a lot of ranting and finger pointing, and now Brian Bliss has come into focus. We even try to blame Apple and MLS Season Pass for the terrible broadcast.

With the current roster, Sporting KC fans shouldn’t be expecting anything different. They simply need more firepower, which is still “coming soon”. Will Alan Pulido and Gadi Kinda ever see the field again? Is Johnny Russell any closer to returning?

This team has been ‘close’, and ‘just misses’, far too often. “We’d be great if not for X” has become the norm for Sporting KC. Always just on the verge. How long can this continue? Is the organization okay with mediocrity?

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