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FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City: Player Ratings

Sporting KC is finally on the scoreboard but it is not enough to overcome FC Dallas.



Sporting KC got their first goal of the season, but it would not ultimately be enough on a frustrating night at Toyota Stadium against FC Dallas. The team would go on to fail to get a goal on two bites of an apple in PKs which was painful to watch and docked a couple of players' scores. Let’s get in and break down my thoughts on each player.

My scale:

1 – Never Play Again. You shall be cursed to the fifth generation for your travesties.

5 – Your play was completely unoffensive. You are a cream wall in an office park building.

10 – You are the chosen one! They will forever sing of your aptitude! You are the most interesting man in the world!

Starting XI

John Pulskamp – 5.5

Got off his line quickly to break things down a number of times this game. Let in a couple of goals, but one was a worldie and the other was a second shot that his defenders should have helped him out with.

Graham Zusi – 5

His crosses were a bit wayward, but FC Dallas struggled to advance the ball down his side of the field. However, he was caught ball-watching on the second goal and that docks his score.

Robert Voloder – 5

Generally looked pretty good but gets dinged because he is a CB on a team that gave up two goals. Went to ground a little too quickly in a few situations, including the one where he drew his yellow card.

Andreu Fontas – 4.5

Caught ball-watching on the second goal and a little on the first, but also played a number of long balls that were successful.

Ben Sweat – 3

Real bad giveaway around the 26th minute (seems like every game he plays he has at least one). Most of the good chances for FC Dallas also came down his side. While I think his side of the field did him few favors in helping on defense, he still could have done much better. Finally, he lacked many contributions on the offensive side of the ball.

Remi Walter – 5

Struggled to find the game at points, still hard to say he played badly but did little to say he played well either.

Roger Espinoza – 6.5

Had one of his best games this season. Made some great interceptions and had some nice through balls.

Erik Thommy – 6

Would have a better score for his movement and ability to test the back line except for his PK. While it had better power than Willy Agada’s PK the placement was not good enough and made it too easy for Maarten Paes.

Khiry Shelton – 5

The man gets so many interceptions it is unreal, maybe related was also showing off some good pressing. But the most surprising thing was actually good touches where he was able to hold the ball in tight spaces (which he has struggled with in the past). All that said his primary offensive contribution was some good crosses. As a forward, you need to take a shot during the game.

Willy Agada – 5.5

Thrived in the verticality of the game and was able to draw a PK with his aggressive runs. Nonetheless, like Thommy his PK left something to be desired, his placement was good, but the ball lacked pace. Finally, the bigger chances he did have were not put on frame.

Daniel Salloi – 6

Got a goal off of a generous deflection. But honestly looked less lively than in his other outings so far this year.


Kayden Pierre – 6

Immediately came on and caused problems with his energy and pace. Showed off his ability to draw fouls with his good feet a couple of times as well. Strange that this is his first minutes of the year when he clearly has talent.

Felipe Hernandez – 5

Nearly won a second (or third depending on how you are counting it) PK. Looked lively if a bit unimpactful.

Marinos Tzionis – 3.5

Invisible and uninspired in his sub appearance, lacked his usual willingness to drive at players on the dribble.

Nemanja Radoja – 5

Looked better in his second time out on the field in sporting blue but still lacked a real impact in his substitute appearance.


Peter Vermes – 5

SKC showed better coordination in the press than previous games and showed a savviness to play against the weakness of FC Dallas. In terms of subs would have liked to see Sweat come off much sooner and it would have been interesting to see Cameron Duke come on for Shelton to use his pace to get in behind.


While SKC ended with a higher XG and probably should have at least drawn this game, it is hard to say this game gave me confidence in this group. The one bright spot for me is getting on the board scoring wise this year and the good sub appearance from Kayden Pierre. What do you think? Who would you rate differently? Let me know in the comments.

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