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Recaps, previews and breaking news on a new defender for the Comets

Another episode of The Blue Turf podcast



Erik Bergrud from the Kansas City Comets broadcast team and Thad Bell from The Blue Testament (for now) have another episode of The Blue Turf. This week we again recorded from the World Famous Kansas Soccer Dome while the Comets practiced for the added ambiance.

We recap last weekend's games when the Comets flipped the script. First was the dramatic and emotional loss to the Baltimore Blast in Kansas City followed up by a much-needed road victory in Milwaukee as the Comets took care of the Wave. It was not easy and it took all of the available goalkeepers (Eric’s favorite topic) to get the win.

Next, we take a look at the upcoming games with Florida and Baltimore. First up is the Tropics visit the Comets on Saturday. The Comets follow that up with another trip to Baltimore’s diminutive field on Sunday. Will coach Leo Gibson try a different tactic versus the Blast? Will he take or start different players in those two matches?

Also another new pronunciation guide for Rian Marques.

We also break the news that the Comets are adding a defender before this weekend. The Comets should announce the new defender soon but listen in to find out early and see how he might help Kansas City solve one of their biggest issues, the counterattack.

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